Can We Try This At Home?

A few days ago my husband and I were walking in the Fort Washington State Park when we noticed the acorns covering the ground under our feet. Upon examination, we realized these acorns looked a little different from the usual ones we see – these were a bit shiny, larger, and their caps were formed differently and seemed to fall off more easily.

We also noticed that these were the most enthusiastic acorns we’d ever seen – pretty much every one had a little sprout emerging from it, heading for the earth. Remember, these acorns were just lying on the ground’s surface – so these shoots were taking off on faith alone, heading through the air to where they wanted to be.

We looked up the tree – we think it’s a chestnut oak. Once we knew to look, we saw lots of them.

We got the idea to see if we could get any to root in a pot at home. Now I know this usually doesn’t work, but – why not? We took some likely candidates back with us, set them on the ground in this pot, and put it on the porch. Let’s see what happens…


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

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