Saying Good-bye, Slowly

We have a beautiful November day today, sunny, blue sky, breezy, and chilly. I have noticed that the leaves remaining on the trees and bushes are getting lonelier and lonelier each day as their less-stubborn neighbors let go and fly off. It seems so often that the last hangers-on are at the ends of the branches. I have wondered why.

On this bush next to my driveway I see an example – these two yellow leaves are about all that’s left, way out at the very tip of the branch. I took out my camera and snapped some shots, not looking at the screen but just sort of aiming in it the direction of the leaves and sky.

The portrait of the leaves is blurred – the wind kept them in motion, but they still stayed firmly attached.  Still, what beautiful colors, the blue and yellow! The bare branches make such a complicated pattern against the sky, one you don’t imagine exists when you see this bush in the summer just crammed full of leaves.

I’ll keep an eye on these two hold-outs and see how long they stay here with me. My guess is, not much longer, but I am glad I did have a moment today with them.


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

2 responses to “Saying Good-bye, Slowly

  1. That golden yellow is glorious against the bright blue sky. I still marvel at how bright it is here. I would be missing daylight by now back home.

    • It’s interesting to me that you feel that and see the difference – I am sure many people here would say it’s so dark and dreary even now in November. I thought of you when I saw this leaf against the sky and what you’ve said about light.

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