I was walking along my favorite trail a couple of weeks ago – we have had such warm weather that it was like being out in early spring. Now, this section of the trail opened only this year – remember, the Pennypack Trail, as it is known, is built on the site of a former rail line. This phase cuts through a wooded area and runs along the creek. Just beautiful.

trail 12-15 small

The rail line was put in in the 1880’s and ran for about 100 years, then lay dormant until now. So the cuts through the rocks have been exposed for all that time. I was struck by the patterns in the rock faces, for some reason, on this particular day. Think about how this rock never expected to be out in the light of day; it rested underground until the rail line came along and – what do you know, its secrets exposed for us to see.

rocks 12-15 small

I noticed how the weather and the seasons had broken the rock face into what looked like a mosaic, almost – I love how the pieces fit together in the way they do, and yet I know at one time, they were one. Time has had an effect on these rocks due to a decision made long ago to route the train line here, and now I stand in the same place, enjoying a sight that would have not occurred if – the train wanted to go somewhere else…

Can’t say why this struck me, but it did. Interesting to think about how many things happen by chance – or do they? I won’t approach that question but instead I will just enjoy the look of these rocks every time I go by them.

Rocks 12-15 close up small


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

4 responses to “Patterns

  1. Thank you for the interesting perspective on the rocks, Claudia. I’m struck by the beautiful color. Happy day!

    • Yes, These rocks really are probably just run of the mill rocks, I guess, but they look different to me every day. Plus I enjoy thinking about when this trail was a train line – there is a display retelling the history of it. I can remember the line being in service, just, but I never took it, so it’s all new to me!

  2. I just love rocks. We have collected rocks for years. We started when the kids were young and we couldn’t afford souvenirs.

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