This building, formerly a house, is now divided into apartments. It’s a common type of arrangement in my area. Something about the building has always attracted me, and I always take a look when I’m in the neighborhood – it’s next to my dentist’s office. I think interesting and nice people must live in it.

And now I feel sure they do. Why? Look to the right of the picture, the little structure in the yard…

Little library GL 1-16 #3 small

It’s a new location of the Little Free Library!

I’ve written about them before. There is one about a mile away, next to a florist shop; one in Lorimer Park by the ranger’s house; and one in Mondauk Park in Upper Dublin, near the main picnic structure. Now this new one here on Mt. Carmel Avenue in Glenside, PA. Hooray, and thank you. More books. More books! I love to see it. I’ll bring some volumes to put inside soon.

I also love the repurposed nature of the construction. Looks like a school desk, a cabinet or cupboard, and what about those license plates for the roof?


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14 responses to “Surprise!

    • I was so excited about this. I love the books and I love the statement each of the libraries makes about books being for everybody.

      • And so wonderful that people still want to read actual books.

      • I think this little library movement shows that people do, and that they also want to share their reading.

      • I once lived in a building that had bookshelves in the basement for people to bring and take books. I loved it, and found quite a few interesting reads I would never have run across otherwise. Plus I could make room on my own bookshelves…

      • I love the idea of book swaps and passing books around like that. I remember my college dorm had the bookshelf thing, too, and I got a lot of quick-read, relaxing paperbacks from it, and then I could just put them back when I was finished. No textbooks there!

  1. I love everything about this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a sweet little library. I love this movement and hope it keeps spreading. Community, reading, sharing, trust, are all great things that these little libraries encapsulate.

  3. I have never seen this before! I wouldn’t mind building one for book storage.

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