A Lot of Trees in the Snow

This morning my husband and I took a walk on the Pennypack Trail in Lorimer Park. Now, they don’t plow the trail, so you can’t walk on it after it snows, until the snow melts. Or, you need to be willing to strap on your Yak-Trax and to pick your way along. We really wanted to get outside. So we chose the latter idea.

In the summer, you can’t see into the woods from the trail – it’s a green curtain. Not today. Each tree is clear and distinct. I love this view.

Lorimer 1-31-16 #3 small

Here are a couple of more snapshots. Nothing spectacular. I was just happy to be able to get outside after a week or so restricted by the snow – and to see one of my favorite places again!



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4 responses to “A Lot of Trees in the Snow

  1. Wonderful photographs. The trunks and branches are almost abstract.

    • You know, this is an ordinary sight light billions of other treescapes, and to me, I find so much to look at it in it. What you said about the abstraction of it is exactly what struck it about me, too. I think that I know this stretch of landscape so well, coming to this park so often, and then I see a new aspect of it. Surprise after surprise.

  2. This is just beautiful! I especially like the first one. It’s like one of those mirrors that you see another and anther. At least that is what it made me think of. Like trees to infinity.

    • I often go to this park and see this site every time – and it is different each day. In the summer it’s very dense and closed in, secretive – this time of year, I felt as you did, infinity. I marvel that one location that’s really pretty ordinary can be so – extraordinary!

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