Snowed Last Night. Just a Little.

Snow scene 2-16 small

A block from our house.

451 2-16 in the snow small

The snow is wet and sticks to every surface, every leaf, every branch. These bushes are in front of our house.

Bush small 2-16

Another bush in our yard.

acorns under snow 2-16 small

This pot is the home of the second group of acorns we are trying to hatch. You may remember the saga from earlier posts.


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

6 responses to “Snowed Last Night. Just a Little.

  1. I hope those acorns are safe and well under that blanket of snow. My kids are disappointed by this snow fall. They were hoping for another snow day.

    • I am laughing about the hope for another snow day. Well, just keep waiting, we are only on February 5, plenty of snow time left.

      I reasoned that the acorns might like the snowfall since if they were still in the park, they would be snowed on. Hope it makes them feel at home, and GROW. I put the ones that got chewed off out too, hard to say what they are thinking…

  2. The trees were indeed beautiful this morning…and this afternoon it’s all gone! A perfect snowfall. (K)

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like winter is in full force.

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