all this time,

after all this time, 9-15 small

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7 responses to “all this time,

  1. This one is very tempting…I actually did something that would work with it visually recently, although I already put words on it. I’ll have to work out a variation. (K)

  2. What an adorable little figure! There is something quite simian about the stance and proportions. Combined with the text, it makes me think about Evolution. And Planet of the Apes.

    • I love that juxtaposition. Planet of the Apes and evolution. There is a lot to think about there.

      These little ATC’s are strangely thought-provoking and it’s really funny for something so small and kind of serendipitous but maybe that’s it?

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    • Got to say a major thanks. I am amazed you got this idea from my tiny card. I love what you did and the depiction of the character is – I don’t know what to say – full of life? Looks like it could come right out of the legend and start to speak. I also liked the historical info and the image from that, too. Thank you.

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