An Old Friend in Altered Circumstances

I run or walk along the Green Ribbon Trail in Fort Washington State Park quite often, but in the winter not as often, because there is no winter trail maintenance. I was there today, though, on a beautiful day, very spring-like.

Let me take you back to almost a year ago, when I visited the trail on Day 87 of the Sunshine Project. I photographed this tree. At the time, I said I thought it looked like a giraffe.

This tree looks giraffe-like to me.

I passed it all summer and I got used to seeing it as I came down the path. I took this photo of it in October.

Tree with holes #1a Green Ribbon 10-15 small

I visited the site today. Things have changed.

Winter is hard. Things finally gave way. I walked over to the tree to see if I could take one more look at its “face”, with the mouth that seemed to call out to me as I came down the path, but – the tree did a face-plant, I guess you could say. We were not able to say good-bye – I just had to pat it on its back, and go on my way.


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2 responses to “An Old Friend in Altered Circumstances

  1. Ahhh, sad really. Like an old friend, gone.

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