Not Just Your Hair, Either

I was doing some writing at Arcadia University, near my house, a couple of days ago. The school is on spring break and everything was very quiet.

In the bathroom I saw this sign. I liked it.

Hair 3-16 small


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A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

12 responses to “Not Just Your Hair, Either

  1. This sign brought on a good chuckle. A good reminder for us all, a metaphor for life! Thanks Claudia.

  2. This is a truth I have been living my whole life. My mother used to despair of how I treated my hair. She would send me out of the door in the morning with it all neatly pleated and complete with perfectly tied ribbons. I would come home looking like a neanderthal, ribbons long lost. I remember telling her that I didn’t care and nor did anyone else. I have had scruffy hair ever since.

  3. nannus

    Actually, I rarely worry about my hair at all. One reason might be that I don’t have too much of it left anyway 😉

    • I felt the same way – my hair is only about 2 inches long so there isn’t much trouble it can get into, but – I’ve seen a lot of hair-primping in my time so I immediately thought of how many people this message was prompted by…

  4. …or just pull it back in a ponytail, same thing. (K)

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