Oh Dear. Deer!

Forgive the very tired pun, but I could not resist.

I live in a suburb about a mile from the Philadelphia city line. My house has a large back yard ending at a creek. Deer and other wildlife are a common sight and at this time of year the deer are hungry and have no fear of coming up close to the house.

They are around at all times of year – but now is when we see them the most. There have been as many as eight outside at one time. It’s something to think you are alone at home and then glance out the window to find yourself being observed.


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8 responses to “Oh Dear. Deer!

  1. I always find it a little magical to see deer even though I have seen them hundreds of times in my life. We have only had deer in our garden here maybe three times (in the 18 months I have lived in this property) but I see them a lot when we are out and about.

    • We have seen then more and more each year, don’t know if there are more, or they are not as shy as when we moved here. They do eat a lot of plants I wish they would not, but we have learned to coexist and they are very beautiful to look at.

  2. What a wonderful sight, I love your backyard!

    • Yes, it is a hidden treasure – our house is set right up on the street but we have this nice long strip in the back, and with the neighbors’ being similar, it is like a little woodland here in suburbia. If you saw the house from the street you’d never know it was here.

  3. I know they eat up people’s gardens but they’re so beautiful!

    • I have mixed feelings. They are really destructive and have made it impossible for us to grow a vegetable garden, certain bushes, flowers, etc. On the other hand I do like the feeling of being in a woodsy spot that they bring, and they are really graceful.

  4. I feel that way about the raccoons that occasionally show up…it’s a bit disconcerting! And yet, we are the ones that have created this un-natural environment where they seem out of place. What we’ve created doesn’t really “belong” either…(K)

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