happened 9-15 small

You may notice this lady’s similarity to  “got even” posted a couple of weeks ago. And I think you may notice some kinships among the next few ATC’s and the ones posted earlier in March. How this happened (couldn’t resist) is – I usually make the images in group sessions. This lady here is the cut-out figure – the earlier lady is the negative space she left when I painted this one black on top of an already-painted card.

Everything in life is related. That’s today’s advice. It’s happened before and it will again, every day. Look around and you will see it!


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

3 responses to “happened

  1. Paul Coelho: “I believe in science. But there is something magical about finding things….The universe places things in your path; it’s the language the universe uses to communicate with you.” (K)

  2. I see this a pure happiness, it happened!!!

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