Secrets Revealed

You may recognize this building… I’ve written about it before.

Repairs Building at Welsh Road 3-24-16 #2 small

And if you don’t, here is the story up until now. This building is next to the Pennypack Trail parking lot at Welsh Road in Huntingdon Valley, PA. I visit this trail several times a week, as you know, and I either park in this lot or pass the building as I run or walk the trail.

I love this building – I’ve even done a little photo story on it on my art blog (click here if you want to see it.) And I’ve been very curious about what’s inside the building. My idea is that it is full of junk, really interesting junk, if you go by what little is revealed in the windows.

Well, more is known now, not much, but some, and maybe just enough to tantalize me further. I noticed several days ago some men were making repairs to the concrete blocks that make up the lower walls – taking some out and replacing them. The last I saw, they were doing a small section at a corner of the building.

Well, when I drove up yesterday, look what I saw. A whole big section taken out.

Repairs Building at Welsh Road 3-24-16 #5 small

Well, I had to look. I didn’t want to be seen taking pictures and I wish I’d had the nerve to go up to the workmen and ask to take a closer look. Maybe next time. But, I did find out a couple of interesting things.

First, look at how the building is constructed. I can see solid steel beams make up the structure. The concrete blocks are just filler. This building has quite a skeleton under its skin.

Now, I’ve watched the demolition of another factory building and a school in my neighborhood in the last couple of years, so I know a bit about the demo process. It would not take long to take down such a building to the steel, but taking the steel down – that would be something to watch. I do like to see those big machines grab beams in their “mouths” and bend them as easily as if they were plastic. Of course, this building is going the other way. It is getting repaired!

And I wonder why there is that section of closely-spaced steel as revealed – what was the purpose of that?

My idea that the place is crammed full of the most intriguing items is right, though, I think. I could not get close enough to get much detail, but take it from me – that truck you see is just the tip of the iceberg.

Repairs Building at Welsh Road 3-24-16 #4 small

If I learn anything else, well, I’ll tell you! Because I plan to be paying attention, believe me.


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4 responses to “Secrets Revealed

  1. It will be interesting to see what emerges and what evolves on this site.

    • If I could take a tour of this building I would be thrilled. I would pay. Not likely to happen. It is part of a working complex though I have no idea what they do there. On the other side the building looks much more conventional and neatened up to fit with the other buildings in the group. Totally gives me plenty to wonder about.

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