seemed as if they had forgotten

seemed as if they had forgotten

seemed as if they had forgotten


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

8 responses to “seemed as if they had forgotten

  1. I like the landscape feel here…I think I will not have time for any call and response until June, but this will definitely be under consideration…(K)

  2. taking it in, seems to me like humans had moved in, began tearing up the terrain, leaving their marks, but then vanished, not completing the job.

    • I love this description. It is perfect. I felt something of the same when I pulled out the phrase and matched it with the picture. The scene seemed deserted to me rather than pleasingly quite and empty, and the words surprised me in how well they fit – something I find pretty much every time I do these little ATC’s with phrases – the serendipity of the matches between picture and words is amazing to me.

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