it was useless

it was useless

it was useless


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A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

5 responses to “it was useless

  1. I like the way the tilt of the figure seems to cohere with the despair of the statement and there’s also a discernible “ES” in the text of the figure which also form part of the word “useless” so maybe “Useless” is just that figures name. It really is Useless! Am I over-thinking this now?

    • You are doing exactly what I hope and wish for with these little pieces – studying them for their layers and going beyond just a quick glance. Because I feel that the chance arrangement of paint, collage, words, isn’t really chance but an unconscious guiding, when I make these pieces, a nd I marvel at how meaningful they can turn out to be, if I pay attention. And paying attention to details is very important to me. A small frame of reference but a lot of meaning packed into it is what I hope for. So thank you, that’s what I say. And I love hearing how you see it.

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