You May Be Amazed and You May Not, But I Think You Might Laugh

I went to the dentist today. I park at the library and walk a few blocks over to the office. I had a very satisfying visit to the dentist, and I say visit, because I have gone to the same dental hygienist for years and we have an ongoing conversation we pick up every four months. We’ve been talking weddings for the last year, my son’s, and now her daughter’s. Plus, I did not have any problems with my teeth and now they are beautifully shiny and clean.

So, in a pleasant state of mind after my appointment, I was strolling back, quite slowly, to my car. It was a hot sunny day and I was taking my time, in a noticing mood. I looked at this building’s door…

Pope F small door 6-1-16 small

and I noticed a familiar face looking back at me. I had no idea Pope Francis was in Glenside; I thought he went back to work in Rome after being here in Philadelphia last September.

Pope F small 6-1-16 small

Look closely at the picture, near the bottom and directly under the Pope’s hand, and you can see my hand on the camera. My goodness, now I’ve included myself in this history-making moment.

I now am left to wonder at the assortment of covering-up items this homeowner has used to block sight into the house through the door – the Pope poster and what looks like a car windshield cover – and why not just get a curtain? This question is just the kind of thing I ponder as I walk along the street and see things.


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6 responses to “You May Be Amazed and You May Not, But I Think You Might Laugh

  1. Ha ha! I do love your acute observation skills and the stories they conjure up. I think this one prompts a lot of questions.

    • Thank you. It reminded me of a picture I took in Allentown a few years ago where a person had a picture of Jesus in the front window. But in that case they clearly meant it seriously and to protect their house, and I did actually feel that as I saw the house. Here, well, did they just pick up any old thing to cover the door and it just happened to be Pope Francis? You are right, I do wonder about things like this. A lot!

  2. Maybe it’s a double-bluff, and in fact the actual Pope is behind the Pope picture…

  3. Why spend good money on a curtain when you’ve got a pontiff in the house doing nothing all day?

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