Miscellaneous Thoughts

Once in a while it seems a good idea to set down some things that are really pretty ordinary but have somehow attracted my attention. Indulge me, please.

First Thing. Misheard Song Lyrics

I heard these lyrics, I thought, on the radio.


I’m looking for a sinful girl. (I later found out it was “cynical” but I like “sinful” better, and it also beats out the other thing I thought it might be, “simple”, which I took to mean, “simpleton”, and that’s just plain insulting.)


Life’s not worth living if you don’t smell good. (I have no idea what it was supposed to be, but I like it as it is. An existential crisis that can be solved with a nice hot bath, that is really something to sing about, I think.)

Second Thing. These Cute Deer

I was running in Lorimer Park and saw these two fawns beside the trail. Their heads came no higher than my waist – they were just tiny.

Third Thing. This Dead Tree That Won’t Stop Trying To Live

This tree is located along the sidewalk next to the grocery store parking lot. People park under it all the time. I wouldn’t. As much as I admire this tree’s pluck, it has a lot of heavy dead branches, and one of these days one is going to fall and crush a car. Or a passerby. You heard it here first – I think it needs to be cut down. But if so, I’d like a piece of the wood, because I admire how hard this tree is working to hang on to life.

dead tree and cars small

OK, that’s it! Thanks for your time today.


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

6 responses to “Miscellaneous Thoughts

  1. Nice observations all. My kids used to listen to videos of misheard sing lyrics on YouTube. Some of them are very funny.

  2. An old friend swears that as a teenager he thought the chorus of “Bad Moon Rising” was “there’s a bathroom on the right”.

    • Yes. I had a version of that, I thought it was “there’s a bad moon on the right” and I really liked the idea that there must be a matching good moon on the left until I learned – the moon was rising. Ugh. Not so interesting to me.

  3. I also misread things, especially signs. And why not? (K)

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