I should think

ATC I should think 5-16 small


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A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

7 responses to “I should think

  1. This is great! I love the energy and dynamism in the composition and textures. At first I read it as a flying car a la Harry Potter but then my eye went to that pink net at the side and, what with Wimbledon, I saw the car as a projectile being batted around over the net. Not liking tennis much though I decided the net was elastic and the car was actually a projectile being thrown by a catapult. So that’s how my mind wandered looking at your art work.

    • I love it how you saw so much in this little picture. I made the background and then set the car in it and somehow it just seemed perfect, but I could not have told you why. Now I think you have articulated it perfectly. I do like these sort of surreal juxtapositions.

      • When teaching literature, my students would sometimes ask what interpretation the author had intended. I would tell them that was less important and was sometimes unknown anyway and instead they had to focus on their own supported interpretations, that meaning shifts with each person’s own context to some degree. I think the same is true of art: when reading a piece of art work, we all bring our own knowledge and baggage to bear on what we glean from it.

        • Yes. And I have had interpretations of my work that upset me or I didn’t like, but – once it is out there, it is beyond my control. I do think the artist’s interpretation is important if it can be explicitly known, such as the artist specifically explained it -but, that doesn’t mean it’s the only one, or that it even has to be considered in looking at the work (though as the artist, I still have my feelings about what people say or think about what I said or think…)

          • I totally agree about the multiplicity of meanings and that sometimes a reader or viewer’s interpretation is simply wrong because it cannot be substantiated by the content of the piece. I also agree that the creators do not have to like or otherwise appreciate the comments but I am sure the feedback is always still interesting, even if it is only to suggest something about the viewer.

            When manning my art club’s art exhibitions, I used to love listening in to people discussing the art work and wondering why different people would respond in completely different ways to certain pieces.

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