I Am a Genius

Yes, I am. And here’s why.

My husband needed some official sleepwear, to stop him from wearing his “regular” T-shirts. He’s not a pajama top guy although he likes the flannel pants and shorts I bought him some time back.

I am of the belief that there are purposes, or life events, or activities, and that there are clothes for each one of them. That thought fits my need for order in the world. After all, you wear a swim suit to swim, and so on. This line of thought reminds me of a skating skirt outfit my mother made me, in about 1968, to wear to a roller skating party. The skirt was blue on the outside with red gingham checked fabric on the underside, with matching shorts and top. When you twirled around the skirt would flare out and show the fancier fabric. I felt just right, though my skating skills really didn’t permit me to do any twirling. More like falling. But I was dressed for the occasion, that’s what made it all work.

So a person needs sleep T-shirts. I decided to upgrade my husband’s wardrobe and correct this deficiency, unaware of it as he was. I bought 5 black T-shirts.

Then, to stop him from wearing them as regular T-shirts, I stenciled them. Now things are as they should be, and the sleeping world is back in balance. Even better, my husband likes the shirts!


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17 responses to “I Am a Genius

  1. Wow – you are a genius, that is a very clever idea – if you market them you’ll make a fortune!

  2. Hihih, most excellent! Such a loving gesture. But – don’t they cancel themselves out? 😉

  3. You certainly earned the title of this post. The shirts are beyond smart — they are genius!
    We could use your influence around here. My husband’s and my “outfits” are all mixed up and have been for years.

    • I couldn’t stand the daytime clothes being worn to bed though my husband didn’t care in the least! You know, I buy all my husband’s clothes and several times people have asked if we dress to match each other – though we weren’t wearing the same LL Bean shirt or whatever, they coordinate, because – I buy them all and of course I buy what I like and of course – it’s now a collection!

  4. That is very clever of you! The male Picts all run hot and never more so at night. They don’t, therefore, have much need for pyjama tops for sleeping in. When winter is at its coldest, however, they sometimes start the night wearing the t-shirt they were wearing during the day. It drives me nuts – especially since my sons invariably have pyjama tops, ones that match their bottoms indeed. You have, therefore, resolved a solution to a real problem for those of us who like things to be organised and ordered and correct.

    • Yes, that part about wearing the day T shirt to bed is what got me. It is just WRONG as far as I am concerned and I had to get hold of the situation. Stenciling T shirts is easy and fun, and you could do it and put images beside letters using a technique using freezer paper that you can find on the internet or I can tell you, the kids might enjoy it.

    • My husband told me yesterday he had been dubious about the idea, but now he is enjoying picking out a shirt by its word. I am not sure exactly what that means but it’s positive so I’m happy. These shirts also remind me of the outfits various henchmen for the criminals on the Batman TV show wore – they often have stenciled names on their shirts. I am getting a silly amount of laughs out of this project.

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