On Foot – Side Street – Allentown, PA

For the introduction to this mini-tour, look here .

About a block off Hamilton on N. 10th Street, we passed this building and I took a couple of pictures. It obviously has a history as being related to the Loyal Order of Moose fraternal organization.

In doing some research, though, I found that the building is now a gay bar; the closest Moose club is miles away in another town, it looks like. Well, things do change.

I took a picture of the Moose emblem still in place on the building’s façade. It’s still right there in place.



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4 responses to “On Foot – Side Street – Allentown, PA

  1. That moose is quite amusing. Should I have heard of the Loyal Order of Moose organisation? I have this vague recollection of Fred Flintstone belonging to something similar.

    • It’s a service club, originally for men, like the Elks and so on. There was also a social element to it, once again, like the Elks – and they had various community projects ( and still do) Such as the Lions, who collect eyeglasses and have an interest in sight-related issues. Fred Flintstone, true to his era, belonged to a lodge, the Water Buffalos.

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