On Foot – Allentown, PA – On the Flip Side

For the introduction to this mini-tour, look here.

We walked along a street paralleling Hamilton – the back sides of buildings on the main street were the sights we saw. Parking garages and service entrances. Well, I’ll tell you, there is much of interest along this kind of street.

One building held a couple of intriguing sights. For one thing, there was this door painted such a great shade of green – set quite a distance above the street. Oh dear. I anticipate problems with entrances and exits, and maybe a lawsuit?

chartreuse-door-allentown-11-11-16-small Further down the street, I took in this sight. I am not sure I would feel safe taking my mail out of this metal mailbox, with so much electricity around. Then again, I bet that mailbox feels plenty safe, with all that voltage whizzing around to protect it?



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4 responses to “On Foot – Allentown, PA – On the Flip Side

  1. Oh my goodness. Both those scenes are like flash cards for Health and Safety training. I would be terrified of collecting mail from that mail box since I have a history of being electrocuted.

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