On Foot – Allentown, PA – Powerful Sight

For the introduction to this mini-tour of Allentown, PA, look here.


Continuing along the street, I noticed this very busy electrical pole.


I traced the wires and here is where they went.


There are houses and buildings along the street here, behind all the new buildings – pockets that haven’t yet been torn down and redeveloped. They will be; their time left isn’t long, I think, and they are in disrepair and many empty. So I took a good look at this structure while it is still here. It’s the back part of what looked to me was a restaurant, in its last incarnation.

I took this picture of it from a little different angle. The spiral of the parking garage’s in/out ramp is that structure behind it. Interesting picture, I thought, and a sight that will not be here too much longer. Look now!

I still don’t really know why this building needs so many electrical wires…



About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

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