Day After Thanksgiving, Part 3

Here is the last installment of the trip into Center City Philadelphia that my husband and I took on the day after Thanksgiving. When I left off in the previous post, we had walked down Chestnut Street to Dilworth Park to visit the Garden Maze and to check out the craft fairs. There was one more thing to see, though, and you might have noticed something about it in this picture:


Ice rink! Ice rink!


I’ll tell you right away, I didn’t skate. I last got out on the ice in 2004 and in that session I broke my elbow. With my balance issues and the memory of how long it took for that elbow to heal, I have no business ice skating, but…I do like to watch others doing it!

This rink (sponsored by a large orthopedic institute, something I found amusing, especially since the doctor who treated my broken elbow is associated with it) is a real ice rink, not an artificial-surfaced one. And it’s here all winter, open day and night. I’d love to see those sparkly little lights in the evening…We spent some time watching people go around the circle, all kinds of people, with all levels of skill (including none). When you look at the pictures, notice  the smiles.

Above the scene, William Penn stood, as he has since 1901, at the top of City Hall Tower, and took it all in.


Well, that’s the end of the travelogue. After we finished at Dilworth Plaza, we did take in a little shopping – but for art supplies, at the Dick Blick store a couple of blocks away. It’s a treat for me to go to the store itself rather than buying online, so I can’t count it as shopping, exactly…and at the store, I won a $5 gift card when I spun the wheel for a prize. Couldn’t do that online!

Then we drove home. Nice day we had, wasn’t it?


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8 responses to “Day After Thanksgiving, Part 3

  1. A lovely day indeed, and the sponsorship is hilarious. I haven’t skated since I was 16 or so, and I’d love to see that again! I don’t think I could even pick myself up if I fell. However, amore showed me that he can still do it a few winters ago. No matter that he grew up in Roma, where every snow is treated like a miracle, ice-skating was his sport. Go figure (skate).

  2. You are better than me with ice skating as I’ve not attempted it in almost 30 years. Despite being a very good roller skater, I could never get the hang of the ice and was always battered and bruised. I didn’t consider that fun. Partly as a result of my aversion, my kids have never been ice skating either. Perhaps that something I should change. I hope you had fun exploring the art store and found some inspirational things.

    • I can recommend the ice rink in Elkins Park, Old York Road, if you decide to go, even if that is where the unfortunate event happened to me. Well, I would have gone down on any ice, it wasn’t their fault. I was pretty good at roller skating too, but I was also much younger last time I did that…

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