My Secret Ambition

Time passes. And sometimes little dreams get lost in the shuffle of everyday living. For me, I’m going to reveal something I’ve felt for the last 50 years: I wish I had better handwriting.

Yes. That’s it. My secret ambition is to have nice handwriting.

I’ve always struggled with neatness, uniformity, and envy (of others’ ability to write a nice-looking set of words). In the 3rd grade (approximately 1967) I worked hard to learn cursive writing and ended up with C’s. This mark got me into trouble at home, and it bothered me, because I was working as hard as I could.

Well, decades passed and my handwriting has now come to look like this:

Notes I took about my husband’s care in preparation for his surgery after his accident, January, 2017.

Many times I have written out a check, scribbled a note, filled out a form – and thought how scrawly and awkward my words looked. I also had trouble writing something others could reliably read.

Not only did I want to write a nicer hand in everyday life – I also wanted to be able to handwrite the text for artist books I make and to put handwritten words into other artwork I do. Right now I type out words and glue them in, each time feeling it’s a second-best solution.

It hit me that I could do something about it. Plenty of people want better handwriting, I thought, and maybe the internet could help me out. After some research, I settled on the Getty-Dubay method, the brainchild of two teachers. I bought their book, Write Now. I printed out paper with the correct line spacing. I got a fountain pen to reward myself for taking on this challenge and to use when I had nicer letters for it to write.

I now can write, in printing, the lower-case letters.

I have just started. And I am quite excited. You know, this dream is not a big one, but a small one can be powerful nevertheless. I love the idea of being a person with nice handwriting.

I will keep you up to date!


About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

12 responses to “My Secret Ambition

  1. Good for you doing something about working towards a goal! You seem to be making a very good start.

    • I have a lot of enthusiasm for this. I felt quite happy when I realized – I COULD MAKE A CHANGE! you think your handwriting is permanent, but – it does not have to be. I do have some trouble seeing the letters when they are small, due to the hole in my vision, but otherwise, I am determined.

  2. Martha Bush


    • Thanks, Martha, you know how far I’ve come and now I’m working on smaller things! Makes me feel good. Just the idea that I could decide to change felt great. And I am enjoying the actual act of re-learning a skill.

  3. This is fun. Handwriting exercises take on such a different dimension when you’re doing them for your own goal instead of on the teacher’s orders, I bet! I’d love better handwriting too…

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  6. Little Sketcher on the Prairie

    You can do it! Your hand is much improved already. Do you find practicing calming or frustrating? I have always loved handwriting (mostly in cursive) and find it very therapeutic.

    • Thank you. I am happy with how much easier it is for people to ready what I write. I do enjoy practicing. It is soothing and very focusing. When I practice I try to make each letter in a good form and I enjoy seeing a well-done word!

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