Art Drop-Off Update – May 23, 24, and 29, 2018

Well, after the buildup of the post’s title, you know what you are going to get! The story of more art set out into the world, that’s what.

Part of the fun of art-drop-off-doing is seeing if it got picked up by anyone. Well, since I put the pieces in places I go to pretty often, I get the satisfaction of seeing them go away, too. Let’s find out.

Last week, May 23, I left three tiles along the “new” section of the Pennypack Trail (above Welsh Road). This is a shady section of this rail trail that runs very close to the Pennypack Creek all the way along its length.

(If you are interested in knowing more about these tiles, meaning how I made them, etc. – look here).

Here we go.

I’ve set items in this little rock shelf before.

How about this bench overlooking the creek?

This tile is set on another rock shelf. And if you climb up that little trail, you’ll get a nice view of the creek from the top.

Today, May 29, my husband and I traveled over the same ground and set out new items while also looking for the previous ones. We left a colorful tile lady at the info kiosk in the parking lot. (I featured the whole group of these tiles on my art blog here.)

It was a nice feeling to come along and see this empty space where a tile had been last week.

Conf 5-29 #3

The single rock by the trail was empty too, so we filled it again.

On the in trip (as opposed to the out) I left a tile lady at the base of one of the bridges crossing the creek. You can see that this was the original rail bridge with a higher barrier put up when the trail was developed.

Guess what? We also saw a snapping turtle beside the trail – she (we believe she is a she) has just come up from the creek below to lay eggs, that is our guess. We did not approach her. A snapping turtle can bite right through your finger. And this lady is really a large strong turtle, the biggest I have seen along the trail.

That is the status of art along the Pennypack Trail.


On May 24, I was at Montgomery County Community College for Poetry Marathon. I left a couple of tiny face tiles there in the library, before I went home. I’ll check this week and see if they are gone.

OK, that’s where we are with art out in the world.

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5 responses to “Art Drop-Off Update – May 23, 24, and 29, 2018

  1. I’ve yet to encounter a snapping turtle. My husband used to swim in a lake that they were in. I’d rather have your distant encounter. That’s great that your art is being found and going to new homes. That must be a fulfilling feeling.

    • I see them in the spring quite often along the trails where I walk – being most of them near water. This one was huge and very intimidating. As for the art drop off I am warming up to it again. I have a lot of things that work for the activity – I hope to make things specially for it later this summer in clay especially. I do like the idea of people finding a little something to take home.

  2. I hope the walkers are paying attention!

    • It is always surprising. Most of the time the next visit I made the items are gone. This trail is very popular and gets lots of traffic. Other places I leave things and it may take more time.

  3. Diane

    Oh Boy I thought this was a box turtle! What I moved that I wrote you about was a box turtle. They seem to be all over the place here.

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