Thanksgiving 2018 Art Drop-Off #2

More Thanksgiving art drop-offs to talk about. For the account of the first drop-off on this day, look here.

All right. After leaving Trexler Park in Allentown, we drove a short distance into the city to West Park, an arboretum in a historic section of the city. I have known this location for decades – I do an art show here each June.

The park looks very different to me in November, but the landmarks I count on are in their accustomed places.

We set one lady at the base of the tree next to the booth space I always have in the summer show.

See these views? Summer and late fall?

All right. We set the second lady on a bench by the fountain.

Instead of water, the fountain pool was composed of gingko leaves.

West Park 11-22-18 (5)

On our way back to the car, we left one of my poetry books in the Little Library sponsored by the Church of the Mediator, next to the park. By the way, during Art-in-the-Park, the church has a really nice rummage sale. Just saying.


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7 responses to “Thanksgiving 2018 Art Drop-Off #2

  1. A beautiful day of the thanks and giving.

  2. Great idea to deposit one of your books in the library box. Your abandoned art projects make me smile so I know for sure that you are sending joy out into the world through the generosity of your creativity.

    • Thank you, this makes my day. I feel compelled to do this art drop off thing and I don’t know why. I do like thinking how people might be surprised and enjoy the unexpectedness of it.

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  4. Oh, how lovely! I imagine somebody finding first one figurine and then your book in this little library. šŸ™‚ What a double treat!

    • Thank you. I really like doing this and have been setting things out for years or in the case of the Sunshine Project in 2015, every day for a whole winter. Once in a while I get a note in a place I left something, or someone sees me and catches up to me, but mostly – I just imagine, and I hope people are happy.

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