Art Drop-Offs – Pennypack Trail and Montco, 4/19

How about a couple of art drop-offs to look at – and see a little scenery as well?

On April 9, I went to the Pennypack Trail for a run/walk and left a tile in a former control box overlooking the Pennypack Creek. In this location the trail, a former train line, is high above the water. I like this spot.

You know that I frequent this trail and over the years I have left a lot of art here. I haven’t used this particular box much, though, because much of the year it’s entangled in vines, even in the fall and early winter. Only in spring is it very visible.

I’ve also mentioned this phenomenon before, I know, but every spring I enjoy seeing it happen again. I’m talking about escaped daffodils. You know, the clumps you find in places where there’s been no one to plant them. Like in the flood plain of the creek. See the little group out in the middle?

Pennypack Trail #3 4-9-191

Then, on April 11, I was at Montgomery County Community College for my weekly poetry session. I left a tile in the DVD area on the main floor. I set it behind a row of DVD’s but…it’s visible if you are looking. You have to reach through the first shelf to grab it from the back of the facing one.

I thought I’d make this drop-off a little more challenging. I’ll check on it the next time I here, most likely next Thursday.

All right! Here’s to art and finding an unexpected keepsake.

About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

3 responses to “Art Drop-Offs – Pennypack Trail and Montco, 4/19

  1. I love the idea of those feral daffodils, like benign triffids.

    • When I read this, I said, Laura, you are a kindred spirit indeed and I am lucky to know you, because triffids is a perfect characterization for those rogue daffodils, and I loved the Day of the Triffids and in fact reread it not that long ago, and I don’t know anyone else who has, besides me, until now, and I am so excited. And now I will always think of daffodils on the move as…nice triffids! Thank you. For everything.

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