Art Drop-Off August and a Poem-Inspiring Experience

All right. More art along the Pennypack Trail.

On August 8, I walked on the trail, and as always I pass through the intersection of Fetters Mill Road and the trail at the Bryn Athyn Post Office. Remember, the trail used to be a rail line and the post office is a former train station. So this little intersection was a tiny crossroads back in the past.

Now the traffic consists mostly of trail-goers. Especially now, since the small bridge over the Pennypack Creek is closed for (future) repairs or replacement.

bridge at PP 8-19 view across17

I don’t know when the work will begin but I hear there is a plan and a budget. All right. Until then, it makes the area a little more peaceful not to have any cars passing through.

On this day I decided to walk across the bridge. I left the trail, turned left, and started along.

As you can see, the deck of the bridge is open metal mesh.

PO 8-8-19 bridge 24

Oh, I don’t like walking on such a surface. I have to look down to keep my balance and seeing the reflections of the water below – not something I like.

The view of the creek is lovely, though.

view from bridge PP trail 8-1918

At the other end of the bridge are a few houses and a sharp curve. If you drive on this road, you are taking your time and watching out so as not to hit a house or stone wall.

view far side of bridge PP trail 8-1916

I decided to leave the little cat figurine on the barrier on this end of the bridge.

I stepped back for a longer view of the scene.

PP trail bridge tiny landscape site #3 8-194

Then back I went.

view across bridge looking at PP trail 8-1915

Now you may be wondering about the poetry aspect of this trip. Well, if you follow my poetry blog you know I spend a designated time each week writing (as well as when I feel like it, but I have made an appointment with myself each week for writing, also).

In my most recent session I reflected on the experience of walking on this bridge. Here’s the initial version of this poem – waiting for editing, yes, but I think you will get the feel for what I meant when I said I didn’t like walking on the mesh deck.

I shiver
halfway across the bridge
open metal lattice for a deck
the shiny water reflecting up
from below. I see trees
wavering in the current
I feel the flicker of them
in my stomach.
I slide my feet along on top of the trees
the knobbly grate
grabbing the soles of my shoes and
I know I know
I will fall through
any one of these four-inch grid sections
that cares to take me each one
a vortex pulling down hard

It’s too much. I veer to the rail
sweep my hand along the scabby metal
sharp rust flakes line up in my palm
in time with my steps and
I don’t care as long as
if only
I can get across this bridge

There you have it, the whole thing, words, art, and photos. Thank you for going along with me.

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  1. It’s a lovely spot. (K)

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