Art Drop-Off and a Glimpse of a Fairy Tale

I walked along the Pennypack Trail on August 14 very early in the morning. I’ll show you three things that happened along this way.

First happening, art drop off. I set a very tiny figurine inside one of the train control boxes. I’ve used this site many times before.


And here you see it in perspective with its surroundings. You can’t hear it, but a low steady rumble of thunder was going on in the background, the kind that leads to nothing but does lend a certain atmosphere to a walk…

Pennypack trail 8-14-19 #1a3

Happening number 2: I walked down into the picnic grounds and swung by the ranger cabin. No one was inside at the time, so I could take a good look. It’s such a perfect little camp building, very typical of a certain style of park architecture of the past:

Ranger cabin Lorimer #2 8-192


I pressed the camera against the glass of the door and got a pretty good shot of the inside:


Ranger cabin Lorimer #1 8-191


Now, happening number 3. This one is almost a fairy tale come to life. Pictures first:


Yes, a white deer!

In the spring, I think, one of the rangers pointed this deer out to me – I happened to be in the right place at the right time. Since then I have not seen him, and he has changed – now he has his antlers. He was also with a brown deer when I saw him the first time, but I do not know if this is the same one.

This sliver of wilderness along the Pennypack Creek has many surprises; I’ve seen a bald eagle, turtles, heard the songs of frogs, and of course, you know about the beaver pond about 2 miles away. A white deer, though, I think that is a fairy tale story waiting to be told.

I’ve made a little slideshow of the above photos to mimic the way I saw it.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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10 responses to “Art Drop-Off and a Glimpse of a Fairy Tale

    • On the moonlight hike last night I mentioned to the leader (a ranger at the PERT and also the Lorimer Park where I saw the deer) that I had seen a white deer and he was very excited, since he didn’t know of its current living place and so on – and showed us the area where the deer had grown up. There is such a story here.

  1. How wonderful to encounter a white deer! I have only seen a white deer in the wild once and it was a massive stag wandering among the heather. It felt very mythological to see him.

    • I went on a moonlight hike at the PERT last night and I mentioned to the the guide, a ranger in the preserve and in Lorimer Park where I saw the deer, that I’d seen a white deer and he got very excited as he didn’t know its whereabouts or how it was doing. He showed us the area in the preserve where the deer had grown up. The story just gets better and better.

  2. So very special! You’ll tell the story?

    • I’m not sure I could do it justice. Especially since on Thursday night I went on a full moon hike at night at the nature preserve and found out the deer was familiar to our guide, who said it grew up right where we were walking (I had spotted it about 2 miles away) and then right after that we saw a screech owl land in a huge lone dead tree in the middle of the field and we (our group of 25) was totally silent, watching and waiting for him to take wing, while he swiveled his head at us and finally flew away. Without a sound. That was really a fairy tale chapter 2, I think. I’ve been lucky this week.

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