Art Drop-Offs – Late September and Early October

I’ve got a few art drop-offs to show you from the past week or so. Let’s go!

On September 28, I was in the Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust, running along Creek Road (as it calls itself – originally a road, it is now a trail with a variety of surfaces. Lovely to run along in all ways).

I set this tile along the trail.

Now, I wonder how long before anyone finds her. I’ve made a mental note to myself of the location (not far from the beaver pond) and I’ll look next time I am in the area.

art drop off 9-28-19 (1)

On September 30, I was back on the Pennypack Rail Trail. I set this tile on one of the many birdhouses along the trail. I have to be careful when I attempt one of these locations – the ground drops off very steeply right off the trail and it’s easy to forget that, what with those lush weeds flourishing as they do.

Today, October 4, I was at the rail trail again, retracing some ground from the earlier drop-off and also going into a different section. I can report that the tile on the birdhouse is gone.

I left this odd 3D face item at an old control box right by the parking lot at Moredon Road.

Clay art drop off 10-4-193

What is it? I had made a clay animal figurine that I fired and was very unhappy with, so I broke it up and threw it away before glazing. I did like the head, though, and it broke apart in such a way that I could salvage this odd piece. I glazed it and fired it and now…it’s here, sitting in the middle of the shelf.

All right, that is it for now! I’m all caught up with reporting on drop-offs.

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7 responses to “Art Drop-Offs – Late September and Early October

  1. I wonder if the same person who visits this trail regularly might keep finding more of your pieces and is building a collection.

    • I have received communication from one person who has done just that over a period of time, and it was something I will not forget, how they are enjoying it. I also met one person, years ago, who came upon me setting an art piece in place (I try not to get caught so this was unusual) and told me he had a couple of pieces and was always looking to see if any were around. I like that, I hope people enjoy it. I am trying to be on a more regular basis with this activity now and it is fun to see them go.

      • That’s fantastic. I love that you are adding to people’s experiences in this way.

      • I feel I get more from it than anyone who picks up an item, overall. But I also know I have made a difference, however small, to people that find them, and sometimes it seems to be even more important to the finder (I remember one woman picked up a figurine, I guess she saw me set it down, then ran after me, crying, and said it was a sign to her, she had been very sad, coming to the park, and finding this figurine seemed like a message to her, which took me a little aback, but on the other hand, I felt happy about it that it seemed to help her). What one little item can do, it can be powerful.

      • That’s a wonderful story! ❤️

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