Art Drop-Off 1/3/20

Here is the first art drop-off of 2020! I left this small clay quarter-circle face tile at Montco (Montgomery County Community College) in the vestibule of College Hall, where I was in the library today for Poetry Marathon.

It’s been a little time since a drop-off took place, though I’ve been carrying this fellow around in my purse for some time. Let’s blame the end of year and its rush of routine changes.

Anyway, here we go.

Here is College Hall and the vestibule I refer to is the glass projection at the front of the building.


PO 1-3-20 (2)


I set the tile on the ledge of this planter/bench:


drop off 1-3-20 (2)


It’s located to the right as you go in the vestibule:


drop off 1-3-20 (1)


on the front side of the structure.


drop off 1-3-20 (3)


If you hurry you may be able to grab it!



About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

6 responses to “Art Drop-Off 1/3/20

  1. Diane

    Nothing like getting back to normal!

  2. nannus

    Unfortunately, I cannot come there. One of my step daughters is living in Pittsburgh, I might have to send her to some of your drop off-places. 🙂 Unfortunately, she is quite busy, and it is a big city.
    Have you ever been contacted by people who collected your drop-off objects?

    • Yes, I have. Sometimes people leave notes in place. A couple of times I’ve been spotted setting it out. A friend took one to Hawaii and the person who picked it up wrote to me. Just yesterday one of the staff at the art center where I teach a class told me her sister, who exercises on the trail I also use, was talking about some clay items she sees there, showed her some photos, and the staff member, who knows my work, said…I know the person doing this! It is rewarding to me to hear these things. By the way I sometimes visit Pittsburgh, it is not that far from me. Who knows? I will consider this the next time I am there and make sure to do some drop offs!

  3. The finder of this little totem will feel like their 2020 has gotten off to a good start I’m sure.

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