Art Drop-Off January 14, 2020

I’m catching up here on my art drop-off doings – though there haven’t been too many, as I haven’t been outside a lot in the last couple of weeks. COLD! Anyway, here is a drop-off from a couple of weeks ago or so.

The weather was mild on this day, though gray, so I decided to walk in my neighborhood. I left some tiles at the Thomas Williams park about a mile from home. Now it’s tennis courts and ball fields on a fairly small plot. In previous times it was the Thomas Williams Junior High School before the building was torn down. The area where I left the tiles was part of the former school’s entrance:

If you step back toward the street here’s a better view. I set the tiles on the section up near the fence, behind the trees.

Art Drop off 1-14-20 (1)

Wait a minute. Has someone else been dropping off art here too? Something caught my eye on the left side of the stairs. I went closer. Look.

Art Drop off 1-14-20 (4)

Not art. I don’t think so, anyway. Shoes! Very tired shoes, too.

Well, there is a story there, yes. I thought about it as I made my way home, but came to no conclusions.

About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

5 responses to “Art Drop-Off January 14, 2020

  1. nannus

    The interesting thing about such found objects is that there is a story, but it is always lost. It is like a torso…

    • Yes. I puzzle over these odds and ends when I see them and if you look, they are everywhere. I always think to myself – somewhere in this universe, I believe the knowledge of how these shoes came to be here (or whatever the situation is) is stored. But where? And how to access it? I like to think about this mystery.

  2. love the pictures you clicked. wonderful

  3. The answer will nag at us both for some time I imagine. Thank you for your wise comments

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