Montco Mornings – Visit Again

You’ve heard me mention art drop-offs and Poetry Marathons at Montgomery County Community College (nickname – Montco). I take a photo from my car when I arrive and send it to my husband to let him know I am there each morning. I’ve got a lot of those photos and have posted arrays of them before now. Here’s another group.

I generally park in about the same place each time I go to the school, so the views are similar in each photo. For reference, the blue-painted squares designate the handicapped spots at the top of the lot – looking out of my windshield, they are in front of me or to the right, if I have to park a little further out. The trees and the light poles also serve as orienting marks. But usually I park within a 10-space area in the lot, always facing the same way.

There is something about the slow changes as the year rolls around that appeals to me. I like series photos  and I think the banality of the image becomes kind of timeless when it plays out over a longer period of time.

Or, it’s just fun to look at, I hope.



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A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

2 responses to “Montco Mornings – Visit Again

  1. Diane

    This reminds me of a book I am currently reading that encourages people to take close looks at their everyday surroundings and the way they change in relation to the time of day, time of year, or even day to day.

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