In Which I Am Fascinated By How This Pedestrian Bridge Holds Itself Together

A few days ago I had a doctor’s appointment at a local hospital. We parked in the garage and walked over an enclosed pedestrian bridge to the office building.

Walkway Bryn Mawr Hospital 2020 #1

Though I’d made a couple of other trips to this site, this time I saw something I hadn’t noticed before:

Walkway Bryn Mawr Hospital 2020 #4

Yes, it’s this assemblage of oversized bolts, screws, and rods that caught my eye. I immediately saw the structure of this bridge very differently – as from the standpoint of – how is this thing actually put together and holding itself up so that I can travel across it without a thought?

Well, it’s simple. As you can see, there is a series of diagonal supports from ceiling to floor.

Walkway Bryn Mawr Hospital 2020 #6

Halfway over the bridge they switch direction.

Walkway Bryn Mawr Hospital 2020 #2

You saw the giant screw threads:

Walkway Bryn Mawr Hospital 2020 #4

and how about these cotter pins?

Walkway Bryn Mawr Hospital 2020 #3

I would have loved to see them putting this structure together. Below is the original view of the bridge I showed. Now, if you were to take a seat and relax here for a while, you’d feel pretty good about the glass tube this bridge pretends to be, right? Because it’s really a pretty brawny entity.

Keep your eyes open next time you’re in an office building or other such structure. Even if they put in ceiling tiles and so on…there are clues as to how the building works. It’s interesting to follow the clues.

By the way, above these ceiling tiles, which don’t cover the whole surface, it’s possible to see utility pipes carrying the building services over the bridge. Painted a slimming and hiding black, but they are up there…

Walkway Bryn Mawr Hospital 2020 #1

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2 responses to “In Which I Am Fascinated By How This Pedestrian Bridge Holds Itself Together

  1. While still in Johannesburg, I had the honour of being the first to walk over a bridge built to ensure flow of traffic to a new development. I also looked closely at the nuts and bolts keeping the thing together and even shook the railing a bit to see if held. Some workmen watched me and burst out laughing at my trepidation. It was fascinating to watch it being built.

    • I really enjoy watching construction (I fondly remember watching workmen taking a building down, too) and those structural elements were so striking. People passing along the walkway were looking at me examining the elements and I know they thought I was talking to the wall or something. I’m with you, I think we could have a great walk around almost anywhere together and never stop seeing these details (and getting odd looks from passersby!) I also remember, as a child, how we used to go into houses under construction (we lived in an area that was changing from farmland to suburbia) and I know those experiences got me interested in how things are put together.

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