A Triangle of Art Drop-Offs – March 14, 2020

My husband and I took a walk this morning in Norristown Farm Park. It’s a location you have seen before. We have done a lot of miles on the roads in the park, not to mention some orienteering events.

Our county is on shutdown for the coronavirus. The park is closed, as far as gatherings and the facilities, but the roads are open for walking, biking, running, etc. It was a beautiful day and we chose this location for the sense of isolation and peace it has, even though it’s in the middle of a busy suburban area.

All right, let’s get going. Our object was to walk, enjoy the weather, and drop off three tiles remaining from the set I mentioned a week or so ago. Here is the original group of nine:

Tile Wall Hanging 2-20001

Six were left in the Fort Washington State Park last week. So we intended to put these out in this park and finish things off.

We parked by the East Norriton park area which includes the bocce courts and started into the county park. You may remember this park is the former farm for the adjacent state mental hospital. In the past, it was thought therapeutic for patients to work if they were able, and the farm produced the food and other supplies for the hospital for decades. The fields are still rented out and you can see remnants of last year’s crops ready to be plowed under for planting.

These scenes are near the dairy barn in the middle of the park.

We swung along road toward the creek and left this tile at a culvert bridge. (Notice I took my own advice from last week and put strings on the tiles to hang them with.) The tile’s location is pointed out by the black arrow.

We continued on the road. There is a short section that’s on the mental hospital grounds, near the powerhouse. We walked out on to the bridge and looked back at the building.

Norristown Farm Park drop off 3-14-20 (5)

Now, turn around and walk over the bridge. We left the second tile hanging on the log barrier. (Sorry, I forgot to put an arrow on the photo, but it is in the middle of the barrier.)

We moved on. The road winds around, crosses railroad tracks, and there is a split at which we took the lower branch so as to walk around another quiet cornfield. It took us past this house, one of several on the grounds remaining from its past life:

Norristown Farm Park drop off 3-14-20 (4)

and along to the bottom of Norris City Cemetery (if you are interested, we made a leisurely visit to this cemetery about 2 1/2 years ago. If you’d like to know what a white bronze grave marker is, for instance, you will find out in the post. And a view of the bocce courts nearby is also part of it.)

Norristown Farm Park drop off 3-14-20 (3)

We turned to go up the hill and placed the third tile on a tree branch to the right of the road. (This time I did include a black arrow to show you.)

Now the tiles are all gone. Thank you for coming along with us today.

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3 responses to “A Triangle of Art Drop-Offs – March 14, 2020

  1. Diane

    I like the colors and textures of these tiles. XO

    • Thank you. I used items picked up from here or there such as screws and bolts and so on. I love the shapes they make, you cannot always tell what item created the impression, very abstract, some of them.

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