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My husband and I had planned to take a short overnight trip to a museum about 3 hours away, but family circumstances had made the previous week very event-filled and we didn’t feel like being away overnight. We did need a bit of a spirit-lifter, though, and on impulse Saturday morning, we decided to take a day trip to a water site.

I love the water – lakes, bays, oceans, creeks, you name it. If there is water, I am happy being around it. I had a spot in mind – Slaughter Beach, Delaware, about 2+ hours from our house.

I’d been reading up on the Delaware beaches – there are bay and ocean beaches in the state – and this one was tops on my list because of a recent visit a friend had made. So we hopped in the car and took off.

Slaughter Beach is a tiny strip of beach along the Delaware Bay, about 15-20 miles north from the first ocean beaches in Delaware. There are several small places like this all the way up to Wilmington. The ocean beaches are vastly preferred by the public and are the typical shore experience around here – crowds, boardwalks, amusements, restaurants, etc. Where we were going is not the popular experience. Just some pebbly sand, low waves, lots of open marshland around, and few houses or buildings or people. Much better, to my way of thinking.

We arrived around 10:30 or so in the morning on a beautiful sunny July day. We parked at the firehouse parking lot where the main beach access was. Here’s the main road as we arrived:

We put on our water shoes and headed across the street to the beach. The bay is very wide here. You can see two container ships heading upstream way out in the distance.

The houses are set back from the water across a line of dunes. The beach is narrow and pebbly, and once we left the main access area, we passed very few people. We waded in the surf; the water was warm and the waves very gentle. As I usually do I had my eye on the ground looking at the stones. They are rounded and washed by the water and so many colors! I made the conscious decision not to pick up too many this time – I wanted to remind myself just to walk along slowly and enjoy the day. I could certainly see returning for a hunt, though…

We ate our lunch, hoagies picked up at a Wawa on the way, in a little park by the parking lot, overlooking the marsh view.

Now I’ll show you photos of the beachcomber herself, in different moods, all good…

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10 responses to “Beach Trip

  1. Diane

    Oh boy! A beach AND a wawa hoagie!! Can it get any better???

  2. Looking good, Claudia! I’ve no idea what a hoagie from a wawa is – perhaps an anagram of something?

    • A hoagie is a type of sandwich, our local name for what others call a sub, I guess, and Wawa is a large chain of gas station/convenience store that started in the Philadelphia area as a small dairy (in Wawa, PA) and is now fighting it out with Sheetz and Royal Farms for worldwide domination. Or at least in the US! If you are on the road around here you would stop there sooner or later.

  3. Beautiful! And the stones are surprising. Our sandy beach never gets any!

    • The ocean beaches in Delaware and New Jersey have no stones, just sand. This beach is a distance up the Delaware Bay and though the water is still salty the characteristics of the area are different from the oceanside. It’s more like a giant river bottom than ocean as far as geology, I think. These stones are all so rounded and washed, it is clear they have been rolling around a long time. A lot of quartz and other minerals I don’t know. I would like to spend more time looking at them on another visit, maybe.

  4. I feel very honoured to have inspired your choice of beach destination. It is definitely a quiet and peaceful spot. I hope you were not bothered by the biting horseflies as we were on our last couple of days there. It is a great spot for looking at surf-shaped pebbles. I also found a few pieces of sea glass.

    • I knew if you liked it I would like it too. I found it very reminiscent in feeling of the places we went as a family when I was very young and beach going not as prevalent or easy, and of course there were simply fewer people in the world, too, so things were more isolated. I got a couple of bites but nothing serious. Thank goodness, those flies are the bane of any shore location around here, it seems.

  5. The perfect day! (K)

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