The other day my husband and I were driving around and we ended up in Collegeville, home of Ursinus College. You may remember a visit we made to the Berman Art Museum, which is located on campus, earlier in the summer.

While we were there we noticed this large smokestack with what looked like writing all over it, but we didn’t have time to eaxmine it. On this day, though, we did. Here is what we saw.

It’s the creation of Katie Merz, serving as artist in residence at the college in 2020, and the work was done in fall 2020 to commemorate the class of 2020, whose year was cut off so abruptly by the pandemic. I won’t go into the process: the museum has a very complete site on the work, its meaning, and how it was done, plus info on the artist. Look here.

I’ll just show you the photos I took, instead. You can enjoy the graphic look of the chimney and then you can delve into examining the symbols and deciphering their meanings. It’s something to see, all right.

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4 responses to “Monument

    • Yes, it’s surprising, the way the terrain is you catch glimpses and then you search out and arrive and it’s impressive. I also enjoyed watching some videos of how the artist works, it’s as if she poured her thoughts right out onto the surface in a spontaneous gush.

  1. That is a very cool discovery! What an awesome way to deal with 2020!

    • This chimney is pretty noticeable if you get the right angle on it (you see how high it is) but at first I didn’t realize it had writing all over it that was meaningful (you do see this kind of chimney with graffiti, hard as it is to believe anyone could get up there without official equipment). Then when I looked up the story about the project, I was really intrigued. Glad I had a chance to take more time with it.

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