Art Drop-Off 3/21/22

Here is a little 4″ x 4″ painting I left at the gazebo at Rockledge Park in Rockledge.

This park is a tiny community site at the start of the Pennypack Rail Trail. It’s not part of the trail but if you go into the park and head for the blue warehouse building at the back of the park, you will find mile marker 0.0 for the trail. So, this little park gets a lot of foot traffic.

I always like to take a look at this sign. I think it is stating the obvious, and I find it a little bit funny.

All right. Here is the artwork in its location in the gazebo, which is very near the park sign.

OK. That is it for today.

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5 responses to “Art Drop-Off 3/21/22

  1. That sign is funny. I love this painting and expect it was swooped up quickly by a passerby.

    • I hope so. That park gets a surprising amount of people coming through due to the trail, but I think it is also a nice neighborhood spot just to sit and enjoy.

  2. That sign is great! Never saw that. And I’m curious why the sign sort of indicates it’s a neighborhood with city limits when it isn’t. Hmmm, a mystery

    • Rockledge is actually a real entity, it is a borough with its own governing body, etc. The neighborhood around the park has a variety of homes and is interesting to walk in; the main road is a 15 minute walk or so from this park up on Huntingdon Pike with a downtown with stores, etc.

  3. Ah the lucky person that stumbled upon your drop off!

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