New Addition to the Official Brake Pad Collection

You may remember I have a brake pad collection, consisting of…brake pads lost in action along the road and picked up by me (or by my husband, a couple of times). Look here if you want more information on the history of how this whole thing got started.

This collection is small but it is growing! Here’s the latest member to join the gang, showing each side:

Yesterday my husband and I were walking along Greenwood Avenue in Wyncote, PA, which is a moderately busy road through our area. As usual I was scanning the ground for metal objects, because I know that along roads of this type, there will be a lot of debris lost from vehicles that attracts me. I like to make sort of sculptures with some of these items, in some cases, and other times…I just like the look of the metal object, whatever it may be.

Brake pads fall into the latter category. I don’t do anything with them but enjoy looking at them.

As I said, the collection is small. You don’t find a brake pad roadside every day. So when you do, you celebrate! Here is the whole group that I have right now, once again showing both sides. The new guy is at top left.

OK, that is where we are today. I’ll keep looking for more.

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4 responses to “New Addition to the Official Brake Pad Collection

  1. Love these. I don’t know why

    • I don’t know why I like them so much either but they are my top item to look for if I am in a place where metal things have dropped on to the ground, that is certain. They have such a great weight and shape.

  2. Just so amazing, who would have thought there is beauty and art in used brake pads – brilliant!

    • Yes, I know, you would not think something like this would be worth a second glance, but each one is different, and I like the obvious wear and tear on them. Once again, the ordinary is not ordinary.

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