Hello, and Who Are You?

I’ve neglected this aspect of my life for a while, the one in which I write about the everyday things that are really the important details that should be noted. I don’t know why. I admit to feeling a sense of tiredness that won’t go away – the past few years have had its effect on me the same as everyone else. It’s sometimes hard to adjust to the altered state of the larger world and my own smaller world.

On the other hand, those little details just keep on coming. I need to pay attention.


A week or two ago, I was walking along the Green Ribbon Trail. It’s walnut season. They are dropping from the trees and landing in the path (where I take a lot of pleasure in kicking them along).

I was just going along, minding my own business, when I looked down and saw this little guy looking at me:

Yes, a walnut head, with a bit of a questioning look on his face. Hello! I said, took his photo, and left him there to greet others.

Happy Fall!


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5 responses to “Hello, and Who Are You?

  1. I saw the face right away!

    • Yes, that is how I felt too. I happened to look down and even though it was pretty early in the morning and the light was not great, the little guy might as well have shouted out to me. It made me laugh.

  2. It is important to look at those little details in life!

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