This blog is trying to do a lot of things.

1. Advice.

I started things off in 2013 telling people what to do. I thought: Everyone can use some advice.

Well, you can read and see. Every single one of these hints is written by me. I don’t quote anyone. Why would I, when I’ve got so much to say? Or so I’d like to think.

2. Navigating life. My life.

In 2014 things got a bit rocky for me and I became less sure I could give anyone any advice. I wondered if I could even give myself advice. I decided to amend things a bit. So, now, here you’ll find the ways I try to manage my own life. And maybe you’ll take something away from that for yourself, or maybe you’ll just read and enjoy!


I’m saving this space for whatever I do next…

About Claudia McGill

A person who does art and writes poetry. That's me!

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  1. I just found your blog…wish I’d found it earlier. Thanks.

    • You’ve made my day. Thanks for what you said. I am very happy if anything here is of interest to anyone else – it is very useful to me to reflect on things I have learned or been reminded of. Usually pretty recently, it seems… Thank you again.

  2. I have lost track of your wonderful museum. It is not on you Blogroll and I can’t remember which blog it appeared as part of and I’m feeling a space in my life quite like number 3.

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