I was not in that city

If that is your story, then that is your story. Your past behavior may foster belief in your words; failing that, solid proof.


couldn’t reach it.

couldn't reach it.

couldn’t reach it

The oracle, speaking. The artist trading card, just the messenger…???

– is this simply nothing

is this simply nothing

– is this simply nothing

a little nervously

a little nervously

a little nervously

I would not

I would not

I would not

in narrow streets

in narrow streets

in narrow streets

New Poetry Book!

You may remember that I did a Poetry Marathon in the winter and decided to put the results into book form. I liked the process so much that I did it again in April, and here is the book of work that emerged from that project.

I liked the experience so much that I plan to do it again in July and in October. Then I’ll have four seasons of one year in my life. Somehow that seems important to me at this stage of things!

If you are interested in reading, the book is available on Amazon or I can send it to you for $12, including postage (email me at claudiamcgillart@gmail.com).

If you want to know more about the Poetry Marathon process, you can take a look at my poetry blog and search under the term “Poetry Marathon”.

Spring Cleaning Book cover photo with border for blog 2015

And here is the previous book in the Marathon adventure:

Look Winter in the Face book cover with border small

Seeing Things

I was walking along the Pennypack Trail in Lorimer Park when I looked down the steep embankment at the creek and saw —

Stone-body in creek Lorimer 5-15 small

Gave me a bit of a start. Then I realized —

Stone-body in creek Lorimer close up 5-15 small

that it was only an arrangement of rocks and the effects of splashing water. I was happy to realize it. Then I was able to enjoy the idea of a person of some sort floating on its back downstream, a nice activity for the spring morning.

A Clean Start

Do you remember the Sunshine Project, Day 56? Of course not, and I’m not surprising you with a quiz. The reason I bring it up is that my husband and I visited the same site yesterday for a different purpose.

First of all, the location is that of a local florist. I’ve gotten flowers from here as gifts and I have bought them for others, too. Our family also has purchased flowers to plant in our yard from this shop for many years. It’s a local landmark and I love to see what displays they have set up for the current season.

But the reason I came here was to visit the Little Free Library located on the side of the building. I left a sunshine here on Day 56 – it’s gone now, as I expected. That’s great.

Little Free Library, Penny's Florist.

Little Free Library, Penny’s Florist.

This time I brought some books to add to the library. I’ve been doing some cleaning out. Many things in my life have changed and I have realized that my home and mental spaces both needed some clutter reduction. It’s been a good experience for me. And I hope that these books will go on to find new readers.

I have put a bag of books in my car. I plan to leave them at this location and at another one in Mondauk Park over the next couple of weeks, as I pass by.

And doing so will give me a reason to take the time to enjoy the flowers and the colorful, cheerful atmosphere of this place.

Flowers! Outside!

Flowers! Outside!

Happy Spring!

The Poetry Marathon Led To A Poetry Collection Led To A Poetry Book

Do you remember the Poetry Marathon I did in January? It was another activity I did to fight against winter – an accompaniment to the Sunshine Project. I spent two hours a day for five days in a row writing poetry. Just writing. A lot of good came from those hours and a lot of poems, too. About one hundred of them, to be sure – some very short, some a bit longer. More than I had thought, but I wasn’t sorry. Far from it. I set myself to doing some editing and I got them in shape. Some had to be tossed out but most of them met my hopes. The results encouraged me to publish the collection in a book. So – here it is…

The book is called Look Winter in the Face. If you are interested in reading it, it costs $12 and here’s the link:

Look Winter in the Face


Look Winter in the Face book cover with border small


As I went through whole sequence of poems, it seemed to me that they belonged together. It was almost as if they were chapters in my own story of winter. Now, they can certainly be read as individuals, one at a time, out of order. Enjoying one poem does not depend on reading the others. But I wanted to show them as what they became to me: an entity, a unified body, a coherent picture made of many pieces.

So I decided to put them together as a book. Thanks to self-publishing, I could do that, and I did. It means something to me to have these poems on paper in a collection.


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