Quick Art Drop-off in a cozy warm library on a very cold day in December

I was at Montgomery County Community College today for Poetry Marathon and I left two tiny clay portraits on the shelves there. These are the last two little faces like these I have left. Time to make some more!

Montco 12-19-19 (5)

Here is one little face near the audio books (excuse the blurriness).

And the other one just a few feet to the left.

All the ones I left here in the summer have moved on. To somewhere. How do I know that? Because I left them in the DVD section and the library has moved that whole collection to the next floor. The shelves are empty. That’s the only way I know – because to be honest, I have lost track of where I left who in this building!

Museum Items Get A Little Giddy

“It’s a well-known fact that once you step over the threshold of the Museum, your ability to be bored vanishes,” said Claudia McGill, Director. “I know mine has. I never get bored. How can I? All I have to do is walk around and look at the ground and I cheer up right away. Try it.”

Well, even the objects at the Museum are always on the go. Here is a group of them – they may be on the way home from a party? And deciding to get silly? Who knows?

“When I came in this morning there they were. And then they weren’t,” said Claudia McGill, astounded front desk supervisor. “They just scattered and ran. I thought I was seeing things.”

Well, of course you were.

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