Spring is Wild Glove Season

When the weather starts to warm, you find gloves perched in all kinds of places. They escape and get out on their own. I think the reason why is – you’re going along on a cold day, but things warm up as they do in spring, and you realize now you don’t need the gloves you started out with. You think you put them in your pocket or your pack, but…one gets away.

Then, with some assistance from passersby, they find themselves a branch to occupy.

Here are some we saw on the Pennypack rail trail on 3/19/20.

Here are two who’ve found each other and plan to stick together, it looks like.

Gloves 3-19-20 (2)

This black glove, and what a graceful pose it has struck.

Gloves 3-19-20 (3)

Here is an exotic creature that really stands out in the brown woods.

Gloves 3-19-20 (1)

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