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I used to live down the street from this church and these beautiful trees. When I came along here earlier in the week, March 31, for an art drop-off, I found the trio in perfect spring dress. I remember so well this sight every spring when we lived here. It is hard for me to believe that 17 years have gone by since we moved. I would not know it from what the trees show me; they bloom as bright and strong as ever.

I don’t come up this way much; even though I go through downtown Wyncote pretty often, this street is a block off the main road I travel. I am glad I was here on this day.

Art Drop-Off 4/2/20

Really really early on April 2 my husband and I took a nice wandering walk from our house into Glenside, PA, about 1.5 miles away, and through the business district before we headed back home. Nice long walk, about 5 miles in total.

I left a tile from the recent tile project in town. This one:

Clay Bird Tile 9 3-20 4x4009

I set him in a planter along Easton Road, the main thoroughfare, nestled among the flowers. You can look at him in place and enjoy him, or you can take him with you.

Glenside is an area of small shops and businesses. Pretty much every place had a notice on its door explaining its closure. It’s very hard to see these notices. I feel that each one is hiding despair and the desire to cry behind a stoic face, with their wordings that express the unfathomable in dry and plain talk, beginning, “by order of the Governor”, or, “In order to safeguard public health…”, or similar phrases. It hurts.

Art Drop off Glenside 4-2-20 (7)

I have never seen Easton Road with zero traffic. It has a stream of cars traveling along it any time day or night. Not this morning, when in usual times it would be seeing a pick-up in work traffic. This morning I stood in the street to take these photos.

We walked down the street toward the railroad overpass. Wait a minute. Look at that!

Art Drop off Glenside 4-2-20 (8)

What is it?

Art Drop off Glenside 4-2-20 (10)

Here’s what. A collaborative art project – college, municipality, transportation authority.

Art Drop off Glenside 4-2-20 (11)

I’ve seen it in the daytime but since I don’t go this way at nigh, I have never seen it lit up. In fact I had no idea. Wow! It’s just beautiful.

Even this guy at the karate studio down the street thought so. He couldn’t stop staring at it.

Art Drop off Glenside 4-2-20 (9)

All right. That’s helped me today. Thank you, art, once again, for stepping in. You made a difference to this one person today.

I’ve made a group of tiles for art drop offs. Here is the whole array:

If you want details on their creation, I wrote three posts about it on my art blog. Here is a link to the first one and from there, look for the other two to learn about the project in sequence – they follow over the next few days.


Green Plant

In my dining room I have this tiny succulent set in the window.

I think it looks like he is reaching out to hug me.

Hugging Plant 3-20

Art Drop-Off 3/30/20

And how do you know? Just look at the sign! I left these two tiles in front of the sign for the high school across the street, yesterday morning about 6 AM.

Art Drop-Off 3/27/29

We had a beautiful day on Friday, March 27. I was busy with projects but in the afternoon went out for a walk. I chose my familiar neighborhood route, circling the athletic fields of our local high school right across the street. Each loop is 1/2 mile, so it’s a nice stretch.

Here’s the front of the school:


And there is my house, over there.


I took along a tile to join the one set out previously on a bench.


Here they are together:


After a couple of loops I turned and went along the parking lot. A gingko tree had been cut down recently. Here is its stump:

The sap glistening in the sun caught my eye. I prodded it gently – it has resistance, but is still sticky. Not quite amber yet. I smelled it, wondering if it had that gingko odor (why I thought it might, I don’t know) but no. It smelled like pine.

I did a circle, observing a couple of student drivers…the high school, with its array of parking lots and drives, is a time-honored location for local teenagers learning to drive. You know them when you see them – the sometimes lurching stops, the hesitant turns, the young person with a death grip on the steering wheel, the older adult in the passenger seat sitting at attention…stay clear of these vehicles if you are walking!

I then went a few laps around the lacrosse/softball fields. The little flowers scattered across the grass attracted me to take a closer look:

I need my friend Diane to classify these little guys for me. I wish she were here and we could maybe do it together. There are plenty of these little clumps, we could easily stay 6 feet apart and yet be here out in the sunshine chatting.

After all of this wandering, I went home and set up my lounge chair in the back yard. It was cool in the shade but I got a light blanket and a book and I was all set.


My New Gym (for the time being)

A couple of days ago it was pouring down rain. No outside for me today, I thought

But – shout out to the Ambler YMCA in Ambler PA, thank you! – I have some classes on the computer to stream, courtesy of my Y membership. We have the Les Mills series of classes that we do there and I participate in Body Combat.

So I went to the Y’s special site, fired up the old computer, and got kicking and hitting. Where did I do this? My basement. I cleared out a space and set the computer on the freezer –

Basement 3-20 (2)

with my clay table to the left

Basement 3-20 (3)

and the slab roller to the right, both of them cheering me on.

Basement 3-20 (1)

I’ve got to tell you, it worked out great. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to do a familiar activity.

I had plenty of room and I especially enjoyed the instructors’ setting (inside that little computer..) – they were doing most of the workout on a platform set out a little way into the ocean, off the coast of New Zealand. How about that!


Spring is Wild Glove Season

When the weather starts to warm, you find gloves perched in all kinds of places. They escape and get out on their own. I think the reason why is – you’re going along on a cold day, but things warm up as they do in spring, and you realize now you don’t need the gloves you started out with. You think you put them in your pocket or your pack, but…one gets away.

Then, with some assistance from passersby, they find themselves a branch to occupy.

Here are some we saw on the Pennypack rail trail on 3/19/20.

Here are two who’ve found each other and plan to stick together, it looks like.

Gloves 3-19-20 (2)

This black glove, and what a graceful pose it has struck.

Gloves 3-19-20 (3)

Here is an exotic creature that really stands out in the brown woods.

Gloves 3-19-20 (1)

Art Drop-Off 3-19-20

On March 19 my husband and I walked the newer section of the Pennypack rail trail and left this tile hanging on a tree:

We also spotted a little owl figure set on a rock, and we hung him on a branch too.

It’s interesting about this little guy. Someone makes these and leaves them around the park, as I have done with my own art. Here is another one from some time back, and read here if you want to know how I encountered it:

Pennypack Eco Rest. Tr 6-19 (3)


Art Drop-Off 3-18-20

On March 18 my husband and I got out to the Pennypack rail trail early for a walk. I have decided to try to stay with 5 miles per day as long as the weather permits.

3-18-20 art drop off (2)

I left a little container with a tag in it in one of the train control boxes along the route.

Here is what my message said.

Sing Along

This morning my husband and I took a walk along the newer section of the Horsham Power Line Trail. We’ve done lots of sessions on the older part (here is one from 2015, for example) but usually we don’t go on this stretch of the trail. No reason, just works out that way.

Anyway, this trail follows the electrical towers for some miles – the trail is in the right of way below them. This 2+ mile section passes a development of new houses and then continues in a more wild-looking setting (though houses are very close on either side).

We noticed someone had left messages written in green chalk at intervals. Soon the theme became clear. Song lyrics. I’ll say no more, just show you.

Here’s one with a reminder:


And this one sums things up:

Come together (when it’s over).

But I think on this trail today we are already together, aren’t we? In a good kind of way.


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