Rain and Parking Garage and Road and Houses

Last week I showed you the pedestrian bridge at the hospital and I described its structure. After I tore myself away from examining steel, I looked out the windows. It was a rainy day and the glass was covered with drops. Somehow it made an ordinary scene really beautiful, I think.

I even like this blurry one.

Rain Scene 1 Bryn Mawr Hospital 2-20

I went to college about two miles from here and my first apartment was in a complex within a short walking distance of this location. The area has changed very much, though, in the forty years or so since then – this building did not exist. Looking out of the windows of the doctor’s office I could not orient myself. Well, that’s all right. Nothing stays the same. I’m focused on today and the view that this February rainstorm and this new (to me) building has given me to enjoy.


Montco Mornings – Visit Again

You’ve heard me mention art drop-offs and Poetry Marathons at Montgomery County Community College (nickname – Montco). I take a photo from my car when I arrive and send it to my husband to let him know I am there each morning. I’ve got a lot of those photos and have posted arrays of them before now. Here’s another group.

I generally park in about the same place each time I go to the school, so the views are similar in each photo. For reference, the blue-painted squares designate the handicapped spots at the top of the lot – looking out of my windshield, they are in front of me or to the right, if I have to park a little further out. The trees and the light poles also serve as orienting marks. But usually I park within a 10-space area in the lot, always facing the same way.

There is something about the slow changes as the year rolls around that appeals to me. I like series photos  and I think the banality of the image becomes kind of timeless when it plays out over a longer period of time.

Or, it’s just fun to look at, I hope.



Look out!

Here’s a photo from October 2019. I thought I was taking a picture of the humdrum, but I may have captured drama in the making.

Look out, person shadow! A giant blob shadow is about to eat you!

Menacing shadow Baederwood 10-191

Never mind…it’s just the shadow of me, and next to me, the shadow of my faithful vehicle, Cara Mia McGill. Who will not hurt anyone and in fact, only wants to please.

Well, that is a relief.

Let’s Pretend…

Sometimes it’s fun to think what might be, especially if your eyes are like mine and catch a glance of something that on a second look, is now something else…

First instance…

See this beautiful pot with plants in it?

Plants growing on bridge #1 5-14-196

No, it’s a support for the railing on a bridge over the Pennypack Creek.

Plants growing on bridge #2 5-14-195

I don’t care, I think  it looks like Mother Nature has made a tiny garden in this random space to remind me that small places and serendipitous weed growth go together, are beautiful, and should be noticed and applauded. Which I did, on a recent walk. And I resolved to go home and get something planted in my own clay pots in my yard.

Second instance…

Is this the salad bar at the grocery store?

Tiny yellow-green plants 5-14-19 #22

No, it’s small leafy growth along the side of the trail, hiding in the shade. I did not take a bite of it but it looks fresh, crisp and crunchy to me. I am sure someone likes to eat it out here along the trail.

I like the look of this little “salad” – the delicate leaves, the multitude of yellow and green variations, the spots on the leaves, the spindly stems…When they say a feast for the eyes, well, I think this is a definition of it.

Tiny yellow-green plants 5-14-19 #13


The Joy of the Routine

If you follow my poetry blog, you know that each week I take a day, or part of a day (or sometimes parts of two or three days, depending!) to devote to writing poetry. I’m currently in year two of this practice and 2018 is: Day Trip Poetry Marathon.

I like to leave home and do this activity in a suitable place, which for me has usually meant a library.

For the past year or so most of the time I have gone to Brendlinger Library, Montgomery County Community College, in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. As a county resident, I can check out books and enjoy the library as much as I want. And I do enjoy it – I like the atmosphere and being around students and books.

Each week I park in the lot in about the same place. It helps in finding my car if I don’t vary things too much, plus – we are creatures of habit, all of us, and this is one of mine – parking in a certain spot.

I take a photo and send it to my husband to let him know when I have arrived. Over time, I’ve got a lot of photos of the same view. Take a look – here is an array from March 3 – November 2, 2018.

Time passing in a very tangible way…

If you are a real fan of the parking lot saga, look here for a previous post I did back in February, the same thing…only a different time…

In Which I Go Through a Car Wash

Or let me be more clear. I was a passenger in a car that went through a car wash.

So what, you might say, and you would be right. Cars are washed every day and people are in them when it happens. Yes. But when that person is me, who is afraid of being in a car wash, well, now we have a little story.

You might also say, why not just wait outside while your husband takes the car through, and I’d say, if you saw this car wash site, which holds not only the car wash building but another whole section including a whole lot of self-car-washing stations, vacuums, cars rushing here and there, and so on, you’d stay in the car, too. It’s just safer.

And last, you might say, you could wash the car at home. Yes, I could, but I’d just rather not. I already wash a whole lot of other things at home and I don’t want to add to the list. My husband prefers the car wash for the same reason and since he’s willing to drive through it, well…you get the idea.

What’s the point of all this? Well, today I decided to photo the terrifying experience and let you get the shivers along with me. Maybe facing my fear would lessen it. maybe some day I’d take the car to the car wash myself. No, that might be too much to ask. Let’s just take things one step at a time. So…

Here we  go.

The photojournalism slant of this trip through the car wash was a success for me, because I was so busy clicking pictures I did not think a lot about the feeling of being helplessly carried along a track soaped and scrubbed and rinsed and blow-dried. That’s good.

What the car thought about it, I do not know. She (Our car is a she and she is named Cara Mia) is beautifully clean now, though, and looks really nice.

All is well that ends well, right?

Over and Over

If you follow my poetry blog you know I visit a site to write poetry once a week, spending the day.

For some time I’ve been going to Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, PA, to the Brendlinger Library. When I arrive, I usually send my husband a text to let him know I’m there, as I often do when I’m out driving around. Many times I just send a photo.

I realized not too long ago that I’ve gotten into the habit of parking the car and snapping a shot with my phone through the windshield at Montco. I also park in the same lot in about the same place and always facing the same way. I can do this since I get there at the beginning of the day and I have my choice.

I don’t know why it’s pretty much always the same location but we are creatures of habit, aren’t we? And as a practical matter I like to pull through the space, so that I don’t have to back out when I leave.

Anyway, here is the collection I have built up of a very ordinary scene as it passes through time. Sometimes I’m closer to the campus (the photos with trees to the right) and sometimes a little farther out. The Health and Sciences building is off in the distance. The main part of the campus is out of sight to the right – that’s where I go.


Getting the Hurt Leg Fixed, Chapter Eight

The hurt leg is on the mend. My husband went back to work this past Monday. It’s the first time he’s been in an office since December – the accident occurred on Christmas, you may remember.

There have been some changes – partly as a result of the injury, he decided to move to an office in the suburb rather than returning to the city office. It’s nice – not far from home, and I like the new schedule.

He is still walking with the brace. Now it’s time for him to begin to regain strength and endurance. Both legs have lost a lot of muscle. There are still months of rehab ahead. But things are progressing!

I am adjusting to the new situation. Once again, feeling a little disoriented. Yesterday, I came home to a nice surprise – my husband had sent me flowers. You may find it amusing that I did not learn this in the traditional way – opening the door to the delivery man.

No, coming home from the gym, I swerved around the truck parked in front of my house, wondering why it had to be parked so close to my driveway. Then as I was getting out, the delivery man appeared at my shoulder, startling me. But he just wanted to let me know he had dropped off the flowers.

Such nice flowers, too, and I was so touched that I cried.

I set them in the dining room. Suitable site for admiration of the blooms, I thought. Then, I started thinking about – the stems. They are very visible in the container. I liked the look of them.

I was reminded of synchronized swimmers – I’m a big fan of the sport. As a former competitive swimmer I know what it takes to move in the water. I am impressed by the athletic ability it takes to do what they do – perform while putting out a whole lot of energy and effort under the water.

The stems of the flowers are the same way, I thought – they support the good looks above the water line in the vase, quietly keeping the blooms alive and holding the flower heads high.

Think about it.

Hurt Leg Chapters from the past:

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Reality and the Other Reality

I am fascinated by reflections. Here’s the latest to take my notice.

At 30th Street Station in Philadelphia a few days ago to catch a train, I saw this scene in front of me as I got out of the car on my way into the building.

Building and reflection one of a pair -2- 6-14-16 30th st. small

It occurred to me to turn around. I saw this:

Building and reflection one of a pair -1- 6-14-16 30th st. small

So, as you know, I took pictures of both scenes. And I have really enjoyed going from one reality to the other and comparing them. I’m not sure why, but this pairing has really captured me. One thing that comes to mind is – I wonder how it feels to look at yourself in the mirror, all day, every day – and you know you are always going to be doing so? Unless someone pushes in front of you someday, of course…

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