I was not in that city

If that is your story, then that is your story. Your past behavior may foster belief in your words; failing that, solid proof.


I would not

I would not

I would not

to keep safe.

to keep safe

to keep safe.

Lightning Flash Service Guy

A few days ago I found myself stopped behind this truck at a traffic light. I just loved the truck. It had enough information on it to keep me happy through several lights, I think, with its lists of all the business services, phone numbers, slogans, and even an endorsement “Best of” from a local newspaper.

It was a van for a heating and electrical business. I drove behind it for some miles. It was moving rather slowly and I think its shocks were not in great shape or it was heavily loaded. I could see the driver’s face in his mirror and he was not on the phone nor was he extremely old. So I think the truck was just kind of tired. Obviously there is a great need for electrical and heating repairs and this truck is out there doing its part.

Waiting at the light I noticed the lightning flash guy. I had to take a picture. I thought the idea was clever, given the truck’s business; I liked the execution of the little guy’s image; and I liked the irony of advertised speed vs. reality – a tired truck and a cautious driver. I came away thinking that I would consider hiring these guys just on the basis of the truck.

Lightening flash service guy on truck rear 4-2-15 small

Expression, consideration

Is expressing your opinion so important that it’s worth hurting someone’s feelings?

Warning, locomotion

If you are a cyclist, look out for chipmunks running on to the bicycle path, because they don’t look.

If you are a chipmunk, look before running out on to the bicycle path. You won’t, but it has to be said.

If you are a cyclist, shouting at the chipmunk to move will not work. Ringing your bicycle bell will.

It’s a timely topic because June seems to be chipmunk season. But that’s enough for today about chipmunks. You could also try these tips on human pedestrians and see if they work, if chipmunks aren’t available.

Nature, respect

Being able to recognize poison ivy is a very useful skill and it is a good idea to acquire it as early in life as possible.

Transparency, deception

This phrase has unpleasant overtones, possibly – have you held something back that you should not have, kept something to yourself that others have a need or right to know?

Or maybe it comes as a relief – finally an opportunity to spill that secret you have held in for so long and at such cost?

It seems that in either case, coming clean may set things right, no matter how painful it may be to do it. Think about it.

anything else you want to tell

anything else you want to tell

Change, outlook

You’ve been prudent all your life. Maybe it’s time to start spending now instead of saving. Think about it.

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