Getting the Hurt Leg Fixed, Chapter 10

On June 7, we visited the surgeon. It was time for a checkup on my husband’s left knee.

To remind you, this story started on Christmas, 2016, when he fell down the stairs and completely severed his left quadriceps tendon. This serious injury cannot heal by itself and required surgery, done on January 6, 2017. He went home in a brace, unable to bend his leg for weeks or even touch it to the floor. He required assistance with every detail of living, and so I was fully occupied for months. Remember this scene from Chapter One – in the hospital awaiting surgery?


January 6, 2017.


As he healed, things got easier – first he could touch his foot to the floor, put weight on it, bend his leg in the brace, walk without crutches, and finally say goodbye to the brace itself. He has faithfully attended physical therapy and regained full flexibility in the knee.

Other changes have come about. This experience forced us to think about how we manage daily life, and some changes were made. For one thing, my husband moved his office to a suburban location for a variety of reasons, one being that it made his schedule easier for PT, but also added to our quality of life by making work more accessible and convenient. He also was able to work from home during his recovery and found that it could be done with good results. These changes are permanent and I like the new schedule – we have more time together. That means a lot to me.

We also were reminded how much we value being able to run, to hike, to take walks, to exercise. The recovery process for his knee will take about a year. Though it has healed now, it is weakened, as is the right leg, and it will take another six months or so for that strength to come back, as much as it will. Still, my husband last week ran about 100 yards on the track at the high school – a milestone. We do not know the final outcome, but we do know that with this doctor visit, we are ending one phase and beginning the next one.

But I’ve gotten ahead of the story. The doctor was pleased with the knee’s status. He said, “I could torture you with asking for another visit in three months, but I don’t think you need it.” We were very happy to agree and left the medical office building for the last time. I had a bit of superstitious worry about making such a statement, but I have decided to be firm with the fates and let them know we’ll do our part if they will do theirs!

So, take a look, as we wave goodbye. And end the story of the hurt leg here, with our characters driving off in the car toward home.

Doctor's office 6-7-17 small


Pittsburgh Sights #4

When we were in town for our son’s wedding in late September, my husband and I walked around town poking our noses into the city’s nooks and crannies. Here are a few things we saw.

I love alleys. I’d rather walk down an alley than a street full of fancy stores. Look at these pictures and tell me you don’t feel the same.

Like any city, Pittsburgh has buildings in various states of repair, construction, disrepair, or demolition. This former Salvation Army building looks like it was being renovated but the project lost momentum. Well, I think sooner or later things will pick up again for this structure, but right now the abandoned and stopped clock in the room upstairs says it all.

PGH clock inside former Sal Army bldg closeup 9-15 small

I really enjoyed the look of this parking garage. It seems as if it were molded rather than constructed in the conventional manner, doesn’t it?

PGH Parking garage 9-15 small

And a walk wouldn’t be complete without a photo of window reflections. I love how the oddest items get juxtaposed in these shots.

PGH reflection 9-15 small

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