Art Drop-Off and a Trip Down Memory Lane

Sometimes you get a craving for some nostalgia. Or maybe you’re just curious about what has happened at a site very familiar to you in the past since you left. Anyway, that feeling came to me last weekend.

For my college education, I went to Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, PA, graduating almost 40 years ago. I lived nearby for some time and then moved to the area where I now am, about 40 minutes or so from the campus. Not much of a distance, but I live in the suburbs of a big city. Everything I need is located very close to me and I don’t stray out of my orbit unless I have a specific idea, since my daily needs are taken care of near home.

My husband has a new job, however, and the office is near the college. I’ve returned to the “old neighborhood” with him a couple of times and we decided to take a walk on the campus this past weekend, August 11. I would say it has been about 4-5 years since I was last there.

So off we went on a beautiful day. The campus was deserted and we had plenty of time and solitude to look around.

Bryn Mawr College has been in existence since the 1880’s and is now and has always been devoted to women’s education. I credit the college with setting the course of my adult life and of course I have many memories of my years there.

From the exterior things look much the same as when I was in attendance. Many renovations have been done to interiors, as you would think for a school with many buildings 100+ years old.

I took along a small clay animal to leave on campus.

Clay Animal 8-1912

I set him on a low wall just inside Pembroke Arch. The library is in the background.

BMC 8-10-19 #1111

And some more shots for a wider view:

One more shot from inside the campus looking out through the Arch:

BMC 8-10-19 #3a3

We had a nice visit, checking out campus sights, and in particular we spent a good bit of time talking to a current student who was working at the desk in the (deserted) library. I enjoyed comparing notes with her. We found many things are the same now as forty years ago. A nice sense of continuity for me.

twenty years

As they say, a lot can happen in twenty years.

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