Art Drop-Off January 14, 2020

I’m catching up here on my art drop-off doings – though there haven’t been too many, as I haven’t been outside a lot in the last couple of weeks. COLD! Anyway, here is a drop-off from a couple of weeks ago or so.

The weather was mild on this day, though gray, so I decided to walk in my neighborhood. I left some tiles at the Thomas Williams park about a mile from home. Now it’s tennis courts and ball fields on a fairly small plot. In previous times it was the Thomas Williams Junior High School before the building was torn down. The area where I left the tiles was part of the former school’s entrance:

If you step back toward the street here’s a better view. I set the tiles on the section up near the fence, behind the trees.

Art Drop off 1-14-20 (1)

Wait a minute. Has someone else been dropping off art here too? Something caught my eye on the left side of the stairs. I went closer. Look.

Art Drop off 1-14-20 (4)

Not art. I don’t think so, anyway. Shoes! Very tired shoes, too.

Well, there is a story there, yes. I thought about it as I made my way home, but came to no conclusions.

Art Drop-Off Roundup – Recent Activity

I’ve got some catching up to do as far as what’s been going on with art drop offs. I’ve scattered quite a few tiles around recently, and so, without further ado, take a look. And as a note, all this activity took place along the Pennypack Trail in Lorimer Park, Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. I’ve written lots of posts about my doings here, over the years – just search Pennypack Trail or Lorimer Park, if you want to see more.

On Friday, August 17, I put this tile on the info kiosk at the Moredon Road intersection. Notice it is a repurposed train control box. Remember, this trail is on the site of a former rail line. You may be interested to know that much of the trail conversion was paid for by the sale of the metal train tracks for scrap.

(As a note, this tile was gone when I stopped by on August 21…)

And here is another tile set along the trail. Pay attention to this location…


On Sunday, August 19, I was back. Remember this location? I added another tile.

About 2 miles away, I set this tile on the bridge. It’s to the left, below the weight limit sign.


On Monday, August 20, back again. And I added a third tile to the group…

And for good measure I left this one in another box, just a small bit up the trail.


Today, Tuesday, August 21, I was once again walking along the trail. On earlier trips I had noticed that someone had lined up stones inside this old train control box. I added a sgraffito tile to the mix.

You can see very clearly what a wet summer we have had. Look at that crazy green overgrowth around this box.

I wonder if anyone has taken any of the threesome tiles – but I was not in that area of the trail today. Maybe next time…

More Art Scattered

My husband and I took a walk on the Pennypack Trail this morning. We dropped off a few more items.

First, this tiny clay tile lady took up a place in one of the former train control boxes.

I put these tiles at the info kiosk at the Moredon Road crossing.

Update on recent dropoffs – remember these?

Well, they are gone now!

Happy Art.

Sunshine Project – Day 91, Craft Show, Warminster, PA

Today is the last day of the Sunshine Project. Spring is here. I survived the winter. I have been reflecting on what the Project has meant to me, but today, well, I’ve still got a sunshine to set in place.

What did I do this last day? I participated in a craft show – held at Archbishop Wood High School to benefit the marching band. This show was aimed at people who want to spend a modest amount of money in most cases and who were looking for all kinds of items. It’s not an art show and so I brought my clay tiles and small figurines.

I’ve done this show before and it’s such a nice situation. Each vendor gets a table (provided and set up) and we are inside a comfortable building, safe from the weather. Most of my shows are outside and so not worrying about setup or weather problems is just great.

The day went very quickly. The show turned out well. I walked around a little to see what else was on sale and bought a couple of gifts.

The high school the event was held in is a large structure with two large wings. Originally this school was divided into two schools occupying identical buildings side by side, a girls’ school and a boys’ school. Each operated separately for decades until they merged to form one, and now the buildings are connected by a gallery. I found it interesting that the tiled hallways were pink in the girls’ side and pale green on the boys’.

Pink tile. Very 1950's, which was when this school was newly built.

Pink tile. Very 1950’s, which was when this school was newly built.

The day ended early, at 3 PM. I am always interested to see the site of a show returning to its everyday self, as all of us vendors pack up and leave.

Earlier, during my survey of the show, I noticed a fountain outside the north wing. The day had turned out sunny and warm; the snow that fell yesterday was melting quickly. After the show was over, my husband and I walked outside to see the fountain.

I decided it was a great place to set the sunshine. Water is a sign of renewal and it’s life-giving – the fountain seemed to be a symbol of spring to me. Endings and beginning, that is what today is for me.

Happy sunshine.

Sunshine, March 21, 2015.

Sunshine, March 21, 2015.

If you want to know more about the Sunshine Project, look here, or search under the category “Sunshine Project.”

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